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i'm failed to bring some good idea in it, so it's just some reasuring things over here, yup

Stuart Stapeles & Dave Boulter - theme for the young at heart - childish intro
Lil green - knokin' myself out - the happiest song about killin' yourself, ever
Jukebox the ghost - good day - it's so popish it glued
Portugal.The man - dawn - stylish sadish
Gui Boratto - beautiful life - techno. happy techno.
Jukebox the ghost - hold it in
Pony Up! - shut up and kiss me - not the best from 'em, but best line to stuck in mind
The Foundations - build me up buttercup - kickin your moody ass
Patrick Watson - great escape - grace's anatomy ost this one. but you need to hear all album. it's yorkish i swear!
Mirah - la familia (Guy Sigsworth remix)
Mujuice - 1997 - refrain!!
Pulp - i love life

Can't buy me love
pass: lucifersam - don't look like that, it's not even mine!

if you've got nothing left to say just post beatlpicspam - said Kir.so here it is:


i have no idea why the f*ck i'm speakin english.

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